Cycle Route 2 from Hartington

This route goes from Hartington to Biggin to join the Tissington Trail, then down the trail to Thorpe, near Dovedale, along the minor road to Ilam, up a single track road to Throwley Hall, then down to Weags Bridge to join the Manifold Trail and back to Hartington via Hulme End.

This is a fairly long and ardous route with some steep hills.
As well as Hartington, possible starting points are Hulme End and Biggin.
From Hartington market place take the Heathcote road which goes past the Youth Hostel.

Ignore the NCN route 54 sign opposite the Youth Hostel and a further 100 metres along the road follow the second NCN route 54 sign which directs you to Biggin.

At Biggin turn right and then follow the road round to the left and cycle past the pub and church and through the village, climbing until you reach the former railway line which is now the Tissington Trail.

Join the Trail, turning right to head South towards Ashbourne. The Trail provides enjoyable but uneventful cycling with fine views. Follow it through Tissington (excellent tea shop) and across the bridge over the A515 at Fenny Bentley to Thorpe Station.
tissington trail

On the Tissington Trail

manifold trail

Ilam Church

Leave the Trail at Thorpe Station and turn left out of the car park, heading in the direction of Thorpe village, following the road right, around the public house. This road can be quite busy at weekends, so beware of traffic.

Follow the road through Thorpe village, down the steep hill across Thorpe Pastures and cross the River Dove to reach Ilam. This is a pretty little village with an interesting church and a good tea shop at Ilam Hall.

Head through the village and turn left along the minor road which is signposted to Throwley.
This single track road crosses the River Manifold (which is often completely dry here in summer) and climbs steadily and quite steeply up the side of the valley. The views are magnificent, but it's quite hard work!

Here you have a choice of routes. The quickest and simplest way is to take the footpath through the farmyard exiting left across the field. This then goes through a stile, skirts left around some trees and then drops quite steeply back down towards the Manifold Valley to join a rough farm track which leads down to Beeston Tor Farm. Continue along the farm track to reach the Manifold Trail at Weags Bridge.

The problem is that part of this is technically a footpath, not a bridle path, so you really ought to push the bike for a while - though it's hard to see the objection to cycling as much of it is driveable.

throwley old hall

The ruins of Throwley Old Hall

the manifold trail

On the Manifold Trail

The alternative is to keep cycling along the road through Throwley Hall Farm (up another steep hill), and across Throwley Moor to reach the village of Calton. Turn right here to reach the A523 Leek to Ashbourne road.

You only need to follow the main road for about 400 metres before turning right again down the Manifold and Hamps Trail which can be followed down the Hamps Valley to meet up with option 1 at Weags Bridge.

Follow the Manifold Trail uneventfully but in spectacular surroundings up to Hulme End, where you turn right onto the B5054 which leads across the River Manifold (and past an attractive pub) back to Hartington.

As a final variation, you could follow the NCN route 54 which takes a more attractive but more circuitous route back to Hartington.

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