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Conclusion of long running planning saga

Posted on: Sat 03 Dec 2016
The Planning Inspector has finally reached and given his decision on the application to develop for residential housing the old Cheese Factory (see previous posts on this subject). He overturned the decision of the Peak Park Planning committee and has given permission to build 26 houses on the site (the village and its council had opposed the application on the grounds that this development was excessive, was partly on green land, there were insufficient low cost houses included (only four), no work spaces and no concession had been made to green issues - there were a number of other valid gounds of objection. Overall for a development of this size in this particular area, it was a pretty poor quality application. As well as the parish and the National park authority being opposed, so too were the Campaign for Protection of Rural England and the Campaign for Protection of National Parks. Given one of the criteria for 'new build' in the National park,that there must be sufficient enhancement to facilities, this decision was rather suprising. There will apparently be no legal review to this decision, (which could only succeed if the Inspector had erred in law rather than simply in his judgement)

Hartington Creamery wins awards

Posted on: Thu 12 May 2016
Once again our local creamery has won a number of awards, this time at the Melton mowbray Artisan Cheese Festival. One of the owners claire Milner wrote on her facebook page: So proud of all the hard working team at our Hartington Creamery for winning an amazing amount of awards at the Melton Mowbray Artisan Cheese Festival. In any business the shareholders are important for their investment and we as Directors (myself, John and Darren) work hard behind the scenes looking after the business but the credit has to go to our fabulous cheesemakers for their commitment, passion and drive. Well done all of you. Bronze for the Smoked Peakland White, Bronze for our stunning stilton, Gold for the stilton, Best in Class and Trophy Winner in the Protected Food Name Class for the stilton. What a result!!!!

New tea room & farm shop trading for two weeks

Posted on: Sat 05 Mar 2016
Following the entry a couple of weeks ago about the start of a new business venture in the premises still generally described as 'the former Rookes Pottery buildiing' your webmaster and spouse have been on three occasions. The first time (for a meal) was Caroline's opening weekend, when despite being extraordinarily busy, everything appeared to be running extremely smoothly and with smiles on the faces of all staff, and the order was quickly taken and the food served up in no time. It was really good. since then we have been twice mid week and only coffees and tea cakes were ordered but again extremely happy. Really nice atmosphere in these premises. Well recommended.

Farm Shop and tea Room opens this weekend

Posted on: Thu 18 Feb 2016
A young lady, Caroline Stone, from Onecote has taken on the lease of the former Rooks Pottery premises (subsequently a tea room and art studio) and is opening up a farm shop and tea room helped by her sister, a chef. The farm shop will sell meat produced on Caroline's family farm and also other farms in the area.
Interestingly a planning application has been submitted for the insertion of a glazed window in front of the current roller shutters. Your web master always felt that the old roller shutter doors (emanating from the time when these premises were a car dealership and workshop) deterred business into the tea room and visitors from coming in to see the art (except on those days when it was warm enough and still enough not to matter having the really wide shutters up), and it is hoped the planning aplication will be approved. As always with a new business venture opening up in the village we wish Caroline well. Certainly the timing for the opening of the shop seems apt as the excellent butchers selling locally sourced meat at Tissington closed down over the New Year.
Farm Shop and tea Room opens this weekend

Bed pushing exertions raise 1250 for charity

Posted on: Fri 01 Jan 2016
The Ladies Committee of Hartington British Legion organised a group of Bed Pushers who despite several hills (maybe a bit more like slopes?) managed the push a bed some three miles from Warslow to Hartington, some achievement, and deservably raised over 1250 pounds in aid of 'Help for Heroes'Bed pushing exertions raise 1250 for charity

Late availability holiday cottage

Posted on: Mon 21 Dec 2015
Late availability in one of the cottages at Cotterill Farm (in a glorious but not remote location being only 350 yards from Biggin and a mile from Hartington, so in between the two villages) over both Christmas and over New year


The Rook cafe/art studio is closing

Posted on: Fri 06 Nov 2015
Jonathan and Jess who have been running this cafe/art studio and part take-away evening meals business have closed their business. Their business will be much missed by many in the village, they were always exceedingly friendly to (and tolerant of!) all their customers and Jonathan's curries in particular were very popular. However they continue to reside in the village (and no doubt those yearning for a strong discussion on politics, Manchester United and many many other areas of potential disagreement can dig Jonathan out in the vault bar of the Devonshire Arms). They are now preparing for a new venture offering sale of hot food from a mobile vehicle at events around Derbyshire but also once a week from the square in Hartington as well.
So for the time being the Rook is closed but a not dissimilar venture is starting up early next year from the same premises, a farm food shop with a cafe, although this service will not start until next year.

Appeal dated fixed over development proposal

Posted on: Fri 09 Oct 2015
The long running saga of the planning application to develop the old creamery in Hartington carries on (see numerous previous postings!). The developer lodged an appeal against the unanimous refusal by the Peak Park Planning Authority of the second application to develop this site, this application having been a scaled down version of the first one with 'only' 24 houses, but appearing to repeat the mistakes of the earlier application. The Inspector appointed to hear the Appeal has fixed Wednesday the 2nd December at the village hall here in Hartington.

L'Eroica Britannia stops again in Hartington

Posted on: Sat 27 June 2015
Last Sunday the cyclists on the 60 mile and 100 mile routes of this vintage cycle event passed through Hartington and indeed this was their lunch stop, so about 2800, most dressed in vintage (non-lycra) attire were fed in stalls around the duckpond in the village by management and staff from the local catering establishments. It appears to have been a big success, although whether this will be repeated next year is in doubt, given the commitment and effort put in by the food establishments who had to turn their back on the profitable father's day sunday lunch.

New owners and keeper at the beresford fishery

Posted on: Mon 01 June 2015
In April the historic fishing temple and right to fish on the River Dove in Beresford Dale was sold (it was being marketed for an absolute fortune, lot of money apparently in fishing) and as a result there is also now a new keeper, a resident of Hartington, Stephen Moores. There is a new web site, address below but still under construction. Day rod prices not shown but it has in fact been reduced to £60 per rod including use of the historic temple (£90 between 1st and 15th June). Stephen's phone number is 07597 233491

New owners and keeper at the beresford fishery

2nd Application for creamery development refused

Posted on: Wed 18 Feb 2015
The planning application was for 26 houses including 20 three-to-five-bedroomed houses for the open market, four affordable homes and two conversions of existing barns. Visitors to this site not already aware of the history of the controversial attempts by the developers over the last three years should read the earlier news items about the old creamery.

There were 15 speakers at the planningt meeting: 11 objected to the scheme. Hartington Parish Council and local residents were supported by Friends of the Peak District, in their objections.

Derbyshire Dales District Council and the Peak District Rural Housing Association spoke in support of the scheme because they believe it would have helped provide much needed affordable housing in the area.

After hearing all the representations and debating the evidence, members refused the application because the public benefits were insufficient to outweigh the exceptional circumstances needed to justify a development of this scale in the national park.

Paul Ancell, who chairs the Peak District National Park planning committee, said: “We want what’s best for the national park and for Hartington and unfortunately this scheme is not it. 

"The size and scale, design, siting, layout and landscaping for the proposed development, were not in keeping with local building traditions, and would be insensitive to the distinctive character of its landscape setting and the settlement’s overall pattern of development.

“The Dove Dairy Site does need developing – we’re all agreed on that – and it is suitable for housing development, but we were not convinced that this is the best scheme we can get for this historic village and its community.

“We need to see a development that enhances the Dove Valley’s historic landscape and the existing village, and brings benefits to the local community.”

The absence of any energy saving measures or use of renewable energy sources was also part of the decision to refuse the scheme.

Cathelco’s earlier application for 39 houses, business units, a sports pitch, playground, allotments and car park was refused in 2012 because the development was considered too large for the site. This decision was upheld at appeal in 2013.

Curry Night at the Charles Cotton

Posted on: Tue 13 Jan 2015
Thursday night, 15th January, sees a new venture at the Charles Cotton in Hartington. A specialist curry maker is coming in this evening and offering a coice of 6 different curries, - cost £9.95.

Bread Making Courses in Hartington

Posted on: Mon 15 Dec 2014
Just spotted that the Hartington Bread Company are now offering courses on break-making. They also have added Kids parties, offering entertainment and bread-making and lunch, whilst the adults relax. See face-book page below


Derbyshire Stilton back on Sale after 5 years.

Posted on: Sat 06 Sep 2014
Following the closure of Hartington's Dairy Crest century old creamery, and the subsequent opening of the very much smaller Hartington Creamery operating just outside the village from Pikehall (with just two full time workers), Blue Stilton made in Derbyshire is now back on sale and available from the Cheese Shop in Hartington. The creamery opened up a couple of years ago (see previous news items) but the process of meeting all the requirements as would enable them to officially use the Stilton name(a protected name in the same way that the name Champagne is) took a lot longer. Stilton can only be produced in three counties of the Midlands, and the requirements regarding the origin of the milk, the production method and the quality of the cheese had to be met. The cheese, (which requires 136 pints of milk to make 8kg of Stilton) must be allowed to form its own coat or crust, must never be pressed and must have dark blue veins radiating from the centre of the cheese.Derbyshire Stilton back on Sale after 5 years.

First batch of stilton imminent

Posted on: Thu 24 July 2014
After what seems like a really long wait since the initial publicity over cheese marking returning to 'Hartington' - Pikehall in fact - the delay being due partially presumably to the length of time it takes to mature, Stilton from the team at Hartington Creamery should be ready in the next two weeks. This Creamery is only the sixth company in the world to have a license to produce this cheese and in fact the only one in Derbyshire. For reasons only known to the Creamery, the first Stilton is to be supplied to the Duke of Devonshire, (perhaps to try to tempt him to stock it in his food shop), and then from the Cheese Shop in Hartington. I will update this entry once it is actually in the shop!First batch of stilton imminent
First batch of stilton imminent

Another new(ish) business in Hartington

Posted on: Fri 04 July 2014
The Hartington Bread Company appears to have started on a very low key basis - so low key it almost slipped under our radar. Anyhow its now regularly baking bread for sale in Hartington Village Stores, where we understand, once it arrives in the shop, it is almost immediately sold out mainly to regular customers. So unless you are an early bird, it might be an idea to pre-order from the Village Stores on 01298 84222.
The proprietors (believed to be two gentlemen by the name of Garry and Chris and a lady by the name of Kassie) state on their facebook book page that they are a small artisan bakery offering a wide range of breads, and supply a range of local businesses (would be good to know which other shops they supply). They go on to write that they also offer a full supply and build service for outdoor bread and pizza ovens. Mobile Number is given as: 07585 808652

Another new(ish) business in Hartington
Another new(ish) business in Hartington

1000 vintage cycles stop over at Hartington

Posted on: Sun 22 June 2014
Over 1500 cycles, built pre-1985, ridden by cyclists in pre-lycra clothing set off this morning on three different routs from Bakewell, of 30, 55 and 100 miles, some of the latter group leaving as early as 5.30am! There were probably over 1000 riders on the longer two routes, all of whom had a break in Hartington, which from 9.15am onwards was ablaze with the colour of the bikes and cyclists around the duck pond. Food, soft drinks and even beer was laid on for the participants.1000 vintage cycles stop over at Hartington
1000 vintage cycles stop over at Hartington

Vintage Cycle Rally passes through Hartington

Posted on: Mon 07 Apr 2014
L'Eroica is a vintage cycle event which takes place every year in Tuscany Italy (indeed your webmaster's wife cycled part of this route last year although not on a vintage bike). This year for the first time a version of this event is being brought to the UK and cyclists on one of the three routes will pass through Hartington on the 22nd June. In keeping with the Italian event the UK organisers are hoping to have mini food/vintge festivals at key 'food stops' along and route and Hartington is one of these. Local businesses/food outlets have been preparing intensively for this big day that is expected to significantly raise the profile of the village.The event will comprise a three-day festival that includes a tour of the Peak District National Park on Sunday June 22 offering 30-, 50- or 100-mile route options, some of which will be on tracks and unmade roads and will take in the Monsal Trails through Victorian tunnels and viaducts. Riders must use pre-1987 bikes and apparel to get into the retro spirit of the event. The festival will take place at the Little Royal showground, near Bakewell, and will include vintage bike stand alongside current bike brands, live entertainment, food and drink. It takes place just a few weeks before the Grand Depart of the 2014 Tour de France in Yorkshire.The original L'Eroica event in Italy started in 1997 as a celebrated of cycling heritage and has grown to quickly become one of the most popular international cycling events with over 5,000 cyclists taking part

Vintage Cycle Rally passes through Hartington

New business start-up for local design guru

Posted on: Sat 05 Apr 2014
Desri Goodwin who moved to Hartington from France last year has in the last fortnight launched her new business from her base in Buxton. Desri, a well known name in the nursery industry, formed Tick Tock 1,2,3 in 1988 and continued to run it until its sale in the mid 90s. She then moved to France and with her husband Robin launched Splash About whose products are now staples in any kiddie's swimming bag. In 2012 she became runner-up to Britax no less for Best Safety Company in the Nursery Industry Awards. Then having sold their majority stakes in this company to fellow directors, they returned to the UK in 2013 to set up Tatty Tots. Visitors to this site are in with a chance to win £200 of entrants favourite Tattytot products by telling Desri and Robin the last time they did something childish. We hope that villagers might consider supporting this new venture. Local personalised delivery no doubt possible! And now see below for opportunities of purchasing at a 20% discount, exclusively to visitors to this web-site!

New business start-up for local design guru
New business start-up for local design guru

Genuine exclusive for Tattytot purchases

Posted on: Sat 05 Apr 2014
Please see the entry above about upmarket clothing from the start up business for upmarket, quality baby, toddler and infant clothing by local resident and design guru Desri Goodwin. So pleased is Desri by your webmaster's free promotion of her business, she has offered exclusively to anyone reading this entry a 20% discount on all purchases of clothing (but not accessories or P&P); the discount code is TTFF20 for 20%

Genuine exclusive for Tattytot purchases

Historic Car rally passes through Hartington

Posted on: Fri 04 Apr 2014
The three day Flying Scotsman rally started this morning south of Birmingham Airport and arrived in Hartington in time for lunch at the Charles Cotton. There are 100 participants in this rally for pre-war cars, many of which were Bentleys and no doubt worth quite a few hundred thousand pounds each,(if not more), rolls-royces, lagondas, mgs,several BMWs and numerous other marques. The rally continues today to Lancashire and Yorkshire, then passing through the Yorkshire Dales tomorrow en-route to a giant loop tomorrow afternoon and Sunday in Scotland ending at Gleneagles. Its fair to say that traffic wise it was pure chaos outside the Cotton and elsewhere, with little evidence of marshalls, and some of those not kindly disposed to classic cars were possibly getting pretty fed up!

Historic Car rally passes through Hartington
Historic Car rally passes through Hartington

Major planning proposal for Hartington resubmitted

Posted on: Wed 02 Apr 2014
See various previous entries about this planning application proposal unanimously rejected by both the Parish Council and the Peak District National Park Planning Authority, such rejection being upheld by the Planning Inspector after a public enquiry. At an informal meeting of the Peak Park, a new somewhat scaled down proposal was submitted that does not however meet the concerns of the Parish Council. For details perhaps appropriate to go to the last minutes of the Parish Council at the web site below


Information point relocated

Posted on: Thu 06 Mar 2014
The information point here in Hartington has been relocated, from the Beresford Tea rooms (and Post office) to the Rook Tea Rooms and Art Studio, just around the corner. It must be said there is far more space here to select and to browse the tourist literature. The owners, Jonathan and Jess are always on site when the tea room is open and will no doubt also provide enthusiastically advise on the local attractions. Information point relocated

Christmas Day lunches

Posted on: Thu 12 Dec 2013
The Duke of Devonshire in Hartington and the Waterloo Inn are not serving meals on Christmas day (indeed the dev is shut on Christmas day and only open at lunch (not the evning) on Boxing day) but meals can be had at:
The Charles Cotton in Hartington - £75 for numerous (undoubtedly high quality) courses.
Or a slightly more modest price at £55 at Carriages Restaurant on the A515 at Newhaven - this is an excellent themed restaurant, with two pullman carriages in which guests eat and a platform inbetween the two where canapies and pre-meal drinks are served.
See the eating out section for links to these two establishments.

Just a reminder of a christmas market

Posted on: Mon 09 Dec 2013
Following the news item a couple of weeks ago, just to remnd visitors to this site of the Christmas Market at the Rook tea room and gallery (formerly the Rooks Pottery) this sunday; see events listings for details

Hartington's Defribilator installed.

Posted on: Wed 27 Nov 2013
This has now been installed at the Charles Cotton Hotel, and shortly one will be installed following a succesful fund raising event in Biggin.

Successful Charity Gala Event in Biggin last night

Posted on: Sun 24 Nov 2013
There was an extremely successful social held at the Biggin Village Hall last night, organised by the Waterloo Inn (Charities Committee) which has already organised a number of previous fund raising events. Last night over £2300 was raised from an auction, donations raffles and sale of entrance tickets, a tremendous figure with an additional £400 by way of raffle ticket sales for the old peoples party. The highest bid of £95 was for the last item on a lengthy list of items being auctioned, a spectacular hamper donated by the Charities Committee itself, (one half of last years highest bid for a tour by an officer of a Royal Navy frigate at Portsmouth), but still an excellent sum for a wonderful item. Charlie was the presenter on the night and she certainly did an excellent job - if i might say, for one so young! Bridget from the Waterloo laid on a excellent bar and there were burgers and magnificent apple crumble to keep us going. I am sure its fair to say that an excellent time was had by all.

Breakfast and Fish and Chips at the Waterloo Inn

Posted on: Sat 12 Oct 2013
The Waterloo in Biggin are now offering 'Breakfasts (eat in)!' Starting this Saturday/Sunday 12th/13th October from 9.30-11.30am. Full English - egg, bacon, sausage, tomato, black pudding, beans, mushrooms £6.95. Sounds good to me - due to time of the day, dont think alchoholic drinks will be on offer!
ALSO on Wednesday from 6 to 8.00pm take-away fish and chips at just £5.95. Your webmaster tried these last wednesday and very pelased he was with them too!
Phone number 01298 84284


Famous vintage cycle event visits Hartington

Posted on: Sat 12 Oct 2013
L'Eroica is a vintage cycle event which takes place every year in Tuscany Italy (indeed your webmaster's wife cycled part of this route last year although not on a vintage bike). In 2014 the event is being brought to the UK and cyclists on one of the three routes will pass through Hartington on the 22nd June. In keeping with the Italian event the UK organisers are hoping to have mini food/vintge festivals at key 'food stops' along and route and hope that Hartington will be one of these.
The event will comprise a three-day festival that includes a tour of the Peak District National Park on Sunday June 22 offering 30-, 50- or 100-mile route options, some of which will be on tracks and unmade roads and will take in the Monsal Trails through Victorian tunnels and viaducts. Riders must use pre-1987 bikes and apparel to get into the retro spirit of the event.
The festival will take place at the Little Royal showground, near Bakewell, and will include vintage bike stand alongside current bike brands, live entertainment, food and drink. It takes place just a few weeks before the Grand Depart of the 2014 Tour de France in Yorkshire.
The original L'Eroica event in Italy started in 1997 as a celebrated of cycling heritage and has grown to quickly become one of the most popular international cycling events with over 5,000 cyclists taking part.
There is to be a short presentation about L'Eroica at the Charles Cotton at 6.30pm on 17th October and anyone interested is welcome (particularly those in the catering business) but please contact gill.chapman@derbyshiredales.gov.uk if you wish to attend (01629 761145)


Hartington Creamery wins awards

Posted on: Tue 13 Aug 2013
The new creamery which opened last year in Pikehall run by Adrian Cartlidge and Alan Salt who had worked at the old creamery in Hartington itself for 25 years each until its closure four years ago has won numerous awards earlier this month at the Bakewell Agricultural Show including an overall winning trophy for their Bakewell Blue. The creamery, a £450,000 project, was started last year with the aid of a £80,000 grant from DEFRA. The cheese can be purchased at the Old Cheese Shop here in Hartington, whose owners have a stake in the new creamery

The Rook is one year old today!

Posted on: Sat 03 Aug 2013
It's exactly a year since the Rook opened up in the former premises of the Rookes pottery. This is a combined tea-room and studio for display of works by local artists. If today's footfall in the art area was anything to go by, its certainly catching peoples imagination. Jonathan Hind, who together with his wife Jess own the business says he wishes to thank everyone, whether those who have just had one cuppa, or have lent support or their regular customers and visitors for helping the venture become a success.

The Hartington Creamery is up and running

Posted on: Sat 03 Aug 2013
In fact its been running now for a number of months. The owners including two experienced cheese makers who used to work at the old creamery in Hartington, claim to be the only artisan cheese factory within Derbyshire. They produce four different cheeses, which have been showcased to MPs at the Houses of Parliament, and the Prime Minister tried these and expressed has satisfaction in particular with the blue cheese.
For more information please visit the business' web site as below


Bedpushers raise £1500 for charity

Posted on: Thu 25 July 2013
A group of residents of Hartington got together to organise a bed-push earlier this year succesfully raising money for Battle Back, a tri-service organisation which encourages seriously injured military personnel to participate in sport and adventure training as part of their rehabilitation process. On May 26, a group of villagers pushed a bed from Warslow to Cavendish House Royal British Legion here in Hartington - a distance of more than three and a half miles. Bedpushers raise £1500 for charity

New round house takes permanent form at ParsleyHey

Posted on: Tue 16 July 2013
A new round-house has taken shape beside the High Peak Trail at Parsley Hay, about three miles from Hartington. Known as a kazun these dry stone shelters with corbelled rooves were traditionally built on the Istrian peninsula of northwest Croatia. It has been built here by dry stone masons from Istria as a gift from Croatia to mark Croatia's accession to the European Union on 1st July this year. The Peak District National Park was chosen as the site because of its long continuing tradition of dry stone wall building. It's well worth a visit and will be used for education visits and as a shelter for walkers and cyclists, with information panels about the Peak District and European heritage.
The Croatian Ambassador to the United Kingdom was present at the official opening of the kazun just up the road earlier this month , (along with the High Sheriff of Derbyshire and the Lord Lieutenant) and it was marked by morris dancers and music performed by pupils at Lady Manners School in Bakewell. It is hoped that this kazun will last 600 years! If it does, no doubt it will become classified as an Ancient Monument
New round house takes permanent form at ParsleyHey

The first six month of the Waterloo Inn

Posted on: Tue 18 June 2013
After a quiet start, thanks to the atrocious weather at the start of the year, business has picked up nicely and the new licensee has already attracted as repeat customers many of the local residents of Biggin. As anticipated at the time of opening, the pies are proving (with the male customers in particular) to be a particularly big draw but there are also several extremely well kept local ales on offer much/most of the time.
Steak Night is every Wednesday night and Thursday night is the Chef's pie night, when the range of pies on offer is more extensive. On the 3rd Sunday in the month there's a quiz night (the Legion's in Hartington is on the first Sunday).


Launch of the Village Trail

Posted on: Mon 06 May 2013
Hartington's town crier is to summon people to the village pump to announce the launch of a new Village Trail. Peak District National Park Authority chair Tony Favell and Hartington Parish Council will unveil new information panels, while leaflets, local history displays, tea and cakes and a Village Trail prize draw will be available on Saturday, May 12, from 1pm to 5pm in the Village Hall. The official opening will be at 2pm. Villagers themselves got together to help create the new Village Trail that leads visitors back in time and encourages them to support local businesses for the future. The trail leaflet features a self-guided map, illustrations by local schoolchildren, and 11 points of interest put together by community groups, exploring the village's rich heritage from the 1200s to the present day. Aimed at families, adults can enjoy the fact-packed potted histories, and children, led by 'Detective Duck,' can test themselves on a treasure-trail of questions. Hartington Parish Council, community groups and Hartington Primary School worked with Peak District National Park Authority and Derbyshire Dales District Council staff to create the leaflets and two information panels. The pupils, who have been studying village history, produced artwork for the panels, one on a plinth built by local master dry stone waller Trevor Wragg in the centre of the village, the other on the school wall. Peak District National Park ranger Rose Clarke, who helped steer the project, said: 'We wanted to produce a guide that would be fun for families, help them learn about the Peak District’s special qualities, and encourage them to stay longer and visit local shops, cafes and pubs'. 'People can pick up the free leaflet in and around Hartington, or in national park visitor centres, and use it to explore the village in greater depth.' This is a pilot project for a series of new Peak District Village Trails produced by villagers themselves. It is funded by the Peak District Sustainable Development Fund, Derbyshire Dales District Council, Hartington Parish Council and local businesses. As well as leaflets available in the village, there is a web link to the new village trail below

Launch of the Village Trail

Major snow event in the Peak District

Posted on: Sat 30 Mar 2013
Its been all the talking pont for the last week, the amount of snow that has fallen. It started on friday afternoon and carried on continuously until Sunday. Everyone was stuck over the weekend in their villages or if living outside a village in their houses. Monday, miraculously, it was possible to leave Hartington via Warslow, then Onecote onto the Leek/Ashbourne road, whilst the A515 and nearly all other roads were still blocked, many with a blanket of 4 feet of snow along their length. On Tuesday morning, your web master, with the A515 still blocked, took the Leek road from Buxton, intending to then take the Ashbourne road with a view to circling round through Onecote, Warslow and Hartington to eventually reach Biggin, when he discovered the minor road from the Winking Man Inn to the Mermaid (at 1500 feet) was bizarrely totally devoid of snow and he managed to sail in to Hartington. It was only after passing under the Tissington Trail at Station Approach (heading up to the A515) that conditions became difficult. He turned right to then circle into Biggin (certainly the direct route from Hartington to Biggin was totally blocked), when he was stopped by the police on Newhaven requiring to know how he had got there. He turned right into Biggin, passing through a narrow tunnel of snow again by the Tissington Trail into the village.
During the course of the next 24 hours (Tuesday/Wedensday) most of the main roads in the Peak District were finally opened up, but some minor roads one week later still have a carpet of snow 4 feet high, in particular Liffs Road on the edge of Biggin (from Dale End taking you south in a short cut to the A515 at Alsop-en-le-Dale) has become an attraction for both tourists and residents, as even one week later the snow is the full lenth of the road up to the top of the dry stone walls. Its been really strange, since Monday most fields and large areas of untouched tarmac are totally clear as though it had not rained/snowed for days yet other roads being carpeted with the white stuff, clearly due to the strong biting wind that persisted for days inexplicably lifting the snow off the fields and choosing to dump it onto the worst sections of road!

Eric Page

Posted on: Sat 30 Mar 2013
Following the report a couple of weeks ago of the untimely death of one of the District's real charchters, we can report that the funeral has now taken place. It was a tremendous, whilst obviously sad event that will have been surprisingly educational for the 150 or so attending (how appropriate for an educationalist like Eric). This eucanamical service with tinges of Jewish, Muslim and Christain practices started with Erics five children and one of his grandchildren explaining in the Biggin village hall their recollections of their Dad/grandparent, followed by contributions from his professional colleagues. We learnt how Eric after a couple of teaching posts had spent several decades at Chesterfield further educational college (at which time he had bought the Barn at Dale End in Biggin, which over the next 39 years he and Jan gradually converted and developed), before retraining in his 60s (!) as an educational physcologist and at the age of 66 after a couple of rejections no doubt due to his age defied the odds, he managed to find work as a newly qualified educational phsycologist working for Stoke City Council, a job he carried on more than full time to his death aged 77. His professional colleagues talked about his commitment to the job (which went well beyond the bounds of duties) plus his commitment to his colleagues in the form of a trade union activities whilst a teacher and latterly as Association Secretary for the Association of Educational Psychologists. He was also chair of Biggin school's Board of Governors for a mere 30 years. As Jennifer Brindly wrote in 'News and Views", 'he fulfilled the role of critical friend perfectly, questioning decision and standing up for the principles he felt were right. Ultimately I knew he had the good of the school at heart and that, in a fight, there would be no one better to have on my side'. None of the mourners at the end of the moving tributes could have been in any doubt that we had lost a truly remarkable man. The coffin was then taken from the village hall to his house 400 yards away followed by a jazz band and all the mourners, then up the bridleway (now called a leisure lane) in the direction of Hartington Youth Hostel where Eric and Jan had purchased a small croft of land for the express purchase of this being their final resting place where they could look out over their beloved surroundings Peak District hills. Each of the mourners then in turned tumbled several shovel fulls of earth onto his coffin (Apparently the sons had had no problem in obtaining the necessary consents for Eric to be buried in this private parcel of land).
There will never be another Eric

Hartington Planning application appeal dismissed

Posted on: Sat 30 Mar 2013
the proposals for the largest development of Housing on the former creamery site here in Hartington in the entire 55 years of existence of the Peak District National Park authority has been rejected. As many will be aware, residents were overwhelmingly opposed to the building of some 40 houses (partially on greenfield land), and despite the initial support of the elopement by the Planning Officers, the National Park Authority planning committee had unanimously rejected the proposal, and now on appeal by the developer, the Inspector has confirmed the Park Authority's decision.
The inspector sates: 'In my view the site occupied a relatively isolated position on the valley floor, set apart from the village beyond an aea of pasture' He went out to find 'the character of part of the development land would change from agrarian to suburban. The relatively compact existing group of buildings (i.e. the old creamery) would appear to sprawl further across the valley floor.....it would amount to the addition of an anomalous limb to the village for, to the detriment of its character'
There will obviously now be another application but hopefully this one will not be so contentious, be on a more modest scale and hopefully will meet with the wishes of the residents

2 long term residents of Biggin die

Posted on: Wed 06 Mar 2013
It is with considerable sadness that your webmaster reports the deaths of two well known and much respected residents of Biggin last week.
In mid-week last week Sally Oliver died, aged 91. She had been ill for some time and was in hospital at the time of her death. She had been a teacher, amongst other places, in Hartington school. Once she became housebound many years after her retirement, she used to have numerous visitors to her home. Right to her death she remained very alert, with a wonderful memory and was always a good source of current local news as well as of past events. She was always cheeful and although in pain, never complained.
Then over the weekend Eric Page also died. Eric had lived with his wife Jan in Biggin for several decades, and had brought up 5 boys and one girl during this time, most of whom still live in the area. He qualified intially as a Teacher, and then became a educational physcologist for Stoke City Counc. He was a great raconteur, a real charachter with bags of humour, an active Labour party member to his death and equally significantly a lifelong supporter of Tottenham Hotspurs.
The comments made above are not obituaries and have neither been sourced directly from nor checked with the families so once obituaries appear in the local papers perhaps some of the information will be corrected.
Sally's funeral is to take place at 2.00pm on the 18th March in the church here in Biggin, then at 3.20 there is a short service in the crematorium followed by a gathering in the Waterloo Inn.
Arrangements have not yet been made for Eric's funeral.

Another Hartington business

Posted on: Thu 28 Feb 2013
Another local business, Vital Signs 2 has belatedly come to the attention of your web master. Jonathan Hind who runs the Rook tea room and Art studio with his wife Jess, also has a sign writing/design company business, providing anything from letterhead design and greeting cards, to large scale mural work and everything in between. Some of his work can be seen in the Rook tea room and art studio here in Hartington but for a more extensive display of Jonathan's work please visit Jonathan's website by clicking on the link below

Another Hartington business

The former Dairy Crest site - Public Enquiry

Posted on: Tue 05 Feb 2013
Please see all the earlier posts regarding this controversial application; the public enquiry took place over 7 days towards the end of last year, and the Planning Inspectorate will announce their decision towards the end of this month. As soon as the outcome is known, a posting will be made here accordingly.

Hartington Village Trail and Information Panel

Posted on: Tue 05 Feb 2013
This project is a partnership between the Peak District National Park authority, the Parish Council, Hartington School and Hartington Community Group and is funded by Sustainable Development Fund. The trail leaflet has been developed using information from previous trails and additional information provided by Hartington History Group. A new panel is to be positioned at the side of the mump on a stone plinth. Most of the village's businesses have agreed to be outlets for these leaflets, probably from about Easter onwards.

Hartington V illage Stores

Posted on: Tue 05 Feb 2013
The three ladies running Hartington Village Stores have now notched up over a year in the business and have attracted many favourable comments, particularly for their friendliness. Their entry in our listings section has been updated with current opening hours, although there are plans to extend these even further as the days get longer. They now have an email address (in addition to a facebook page) and hope to have their web site up and running shortly.
However don't forget Sue in the Corner shop, equally friendly, and popular with residents, she too undoubtedly deserves our support on her newsagents and competing grocers business.

The Waterloo has indeed re-opened

Posted on: Fri 18 Jan 2013
The gossip, so often in the area incorrect (which makes it all the more interesting) has on this occasion proved correct! The Waterloo in Biggin has re-opened. Excellent news for the village. On the first night of opening, a darts match was due to take place and unfortunately the away team cancelled, but at least the home team took advantage of the pub's re-opening.Your web master visited on its second night of re-opening and was very happy with the Hobgoblin and Black sheep draught beer. It all looked very clean and the fire was lit. Anyhow the pub is going to be open lunch and evenings until february when they will be moving over to all day opening. Meals start being offered (with a modest menu) today - the Landlord and landlady have the services of a chef, who used to work at theDuke of York at Pomeroy, whose excellent homemade pies many will remember.

Cheese being made locally again

Posted on: Thu 17 Jan 2013
Following the closure of the local creamery a few years ago in an act of asset-stripping (see earlier news items), a more modest venture of cheese making has now started up at Pikehall. It has achieved a lot of publicity recently and many would think that it has opened up in Hartington itself, as the owners of the Hartington Cheese shop who are involved in the venture have been issueing their PR statements to the effect that it is being made in 'Hartington Parish', probably would have avoided confusion if they had simply said at Pikehall four miles away from Hartington. The difference of course is not however primarily the location, but that the old creamery employed 190 staff, the new one has just two workers, who are in fact former staff at the old creamery. Anyhow the produce of the 'Hartington Creamery' is now being sold in the cheese shop here in Hartington. There is a good article on this venture in the Derbyshire Times, see the web link below and on the right hand side do a search for 'Hartington Cheese'


The Waterloo re-opens shortly

Posted on: Thu 10 Jan 2013
Towards the end of last year the Waterloo closed too all intents and purposes, only openining up for dart and domino's nights. The outgoing licensees, Ann and Mark, had negotiated a sale of the tenancy, and pending completion decided not to continue working it. So it was shut all over Christmas and New Year. Anyhow it is believed, that all the legal formalities have now been concluded, the 'for sale' sign has been removed and a sign has appeared in the window to the effect that it will be re-opening under new mangement in the middle of January. The proposed licensee is a resident of Flagg, who with her family are moving into the first floor of the pub. Rest assured, as soon as it does actually re-open, an entry will appear here

Outcome of the Planning Enquiry awaited

Posted on: Thu 20 Dec 2012
Most residents are hanging on anxiously awaiting the outcome of the planning enquiry, the second stage of which sat for a number of days in early December. The result of this enquiry should be finally known in January. We will keep site visitors informed!

New shop opening

Posted on: Thu 20 Dec 2012
The sticks and stoves shop in the Market Square in Hartington closed down a few months ago, and this weekend, after extesnive shop-fitting, a new shop opens up in its place. Believed to be under the name Cocoa Grove. Selling chocolates, so just in time for Christmas!

New shop opening
New shop opening

350 Hikers descend on Hartington

Posted on: Sun 07 Oct 2012
Over 350 people descended on Hartington village hall to take part in Matlock Rotary Club’s annual annual Dovedale Dipper Challenge or the optional ramble.

Of those who started, 218 finished the 26 miles challenge course with a further 120 completing the 15=mile ramble

Throughout the ten years of the challenge, more than 3,400 people have taken part and over £54,000 has been donated to a number of local and national charities.

This year, the event was organised for the benefit of Derby Mountain Rescue and proceeds were expected to exceed £4,000.

The winner of the 26 miles challenge completed the course in 3 hours 45 minutes. The fastest lady took 4hours 58 minutes.

The event was first organised in 1993 and two of the participants have taken part in every year since.
On returning to Hartington there were welcoming drinks and baked potatoes prepared by the staff of Hartington Youth Hostel and served by members of Matlock Inner Wheel Club

Date fixed for Public Enquiry over major deveopmen

Posted on: Sun 30 Sep 2012
The Public Inquiry to Hear the proposed developers applea against the Peak Park Planning Committee's unamous decision to turn down their application for a massive 39 hours in Hartington takes place in the Peak Parks Offices on Tuesday 16th October at 10.00a.m. Member of the public are allowed to attend, and no doubt many will do so.

Drainage Works successfull

Posted on: Wed 26 Sep 2012
It might be recalled how a few months ago works had been undertaken to remove surface water quicker from Enddale, just on the Hartington side of Biggin - a couple of entries about this futher below. Well, we have certainly had plenty of opportunity of testing the success or otherwise of this work in view of this summers rain, and it has undoubtedly been a success. For the first time in living memory it is possible to pass through this area without hindrance after heavy rain.Previously just a small amount of rain could make it impassable for walkers (quite a problem given it was necessary to walk along this 30 yard stretch of tarmac, on one of the most popular walks in the area, (coming down from the bridleway/leisure lane just above Hartington's Youth Hostel before going through the gate to Biggin dale, down to the River Dove, and eventual return to Hartington). Indeed in the past after rain, many motorists passing between Biggin and Hartington would go all the way up to the A515, and along this trunk road before dropping down to their desitnation adding perhaps 3 miles to what would otherwise have been a mile and a half journey.

The Tour of Britain passes through Hulme End

Posted on: Mon 10 Sep 2012
The second 180 km ((115 mile)stage of the Tour of Britain, with some 100 elite cycle riders from 17 different teams and 21 different counties including Tour de france (and Olympic) stars Bradley Wiggins and Mark Cavendish passed through the Peak District today. From Ashbourne it headed up through Fenney Bentley, then dropped down to the River Dove and up the other side to Alstonfield for the second of the three King of the Mountain points stage, then down to Hulme End (2 miles to the west of Hartington) before a climb upto Warslow following by a steeper and longer climb up to mooredge and onto the Winking Man (close to the Roaches). This stretch was the third and final King of the Mountains points stage for the day, and a tough one it was as anyone who saw it on ITV4 will know, the commentators kept thinking the riders were at the top when they still had a way to go. (Indeed one of the leading group of 6 riders clearly thought he was at the top when he had hardly started, making a sprint for it far too early). Anyway a good turnout and for sure everyone enjoyed it. Amazingly they are repeating the stretch from Warslow to the Winking Man again as part of stage five on Thursday, passing here at 1.00p.m. (This time they will have come from Onecote). The roads are only closed on a rolling basis, so car drivers can get there perhaps 20 minutes before the anticipated arrival time and still get an excellent road side view adjacent to their cars.


Scarecrows, Well Dressing and much much more

Posted on: Sun 09 Sep 2012
What a busy day it was in Hartington today. Following yesterday, saturday, when there were two weddings in the village in addition to the Oddfellows march, the blessing of the wells and the scarecrow competition, the dressed wells and scarecrows remain in situ (for the rest of this coming week), there were any number of very high quality vintage cars from the Manchester historic car club on a run stopping here in Hartington, and there were cows being led through the village making it all a bit crowded. An excellent atmosphere particularly aided by the wonderful summer weather.

Regular village visitor writes about the changes

Posted on: Tue 21 Aug 2012
A couple who stay every year here in the village has just emailed her accommodation provider - one of the advertisers of self catering cottages on this web site - and those who have not visited the village this year might be interested by their comments. So it goes as follows:

We had a lovely stay again; the cottage is lovely; our lives are quite manic all year so to come to the village for a week is sheer bliss- we don't walk any more, we stroll; we love strolling up past the vicarage as the scenery from there is stunning and then up by the YHA and wandering the lanes from here is another delight. These days we stroll more and more to the YHA for sarnies and drinks, to the Charles Cotton for food and drink then past the corner shop for coffee and cakes and the next time we come we will have to make a detour to take in the new cafe - the Rook. No wonder I am finding it difficult to fit into my work outfits!

The village seemed changed this year, a lot more vibrant with lots of people around on each of the days which is great, The new owners of the village shop are lovely and what a difference they have made- the coffee from here is one of the best I have tasted and believe me like most London commuters I have tasted loads!

The new cafe/art centre where the pottery used to be is also a delight, the home-made cakes are delicious.

It is lovely to see young people setting up businesses in the village and also to hear that a new cheese making factory will open in the New Year all such positive news especially in these difficult times.

One business closes and another opens up!

Posted on: Fri 17 Aug 2012
The Rookes pottery closed after a couple of decades of trading from Hartington, and at the same location - a bit further round the corner from the Devonshire Arms towards Hulme End a new cafe/gallery/shop has opened up. Loads of space, (as can be seen from the picture showing just a port of the premises) so enough for a display of art work, even a table tennis table! The owners have changed the name to the establishment only slightly to 'The Rook', and its open every day except tuesdays from 9.30a.m. to 5.30pm serving fresh home-cooked food throughout the day, and extending these opening hours on Wednesday and Saturday nights till 8.30 with a variable menu of specials to take away. And wifi is available to customers making it two business premises now offering wifi facilities (the other being the Charles Cotton) - Hartington is really moving now into the 21st century. Telephone number is 01298 84745. We wish the young couple starting up this venture well.One business closes and another opens up!

Biggin really goes to town

Posted on: Sun 01 July 2012
Biggin residents pulled out all the stops during the recent Jubilee celebrations. Prior to the event, the Jubiliee committee managed to handmake some 5000 meters (more than 3 miles) of bunting to decorate the whole of the parish.
On top of that residents of Greehead Crescent came up with the idea of recreating the Royal Balcony Scene. Scoffold was erect to make the balcony which was drapped in red material. Royalty scarecrows were made representing Beefeaters, Royal Trumpeters, corgis, Guardsmen and horses, and then on the balcony (as pictured) were the Queen, Prince Philip, Prince Charles, Princes Harry, Wills and Kate. At the back of the balacony the flags read out the words 'Bigginham Palace'
Very impressive, with nuermous locals and tourists stopping to take pictures.
Biggin really goes to town

Road Blockages

Posted on: Tue 24 Apr 2012
Following completion of drainage works at Dale End Biggin (see other news items below), the road there is going to be shut from the 30th april for 11 days for some desperately needed retarmaccing, so vehicles from Hartington heading either to Biggin or to Ashbourne (or vice-versa of course) will during this period need to go straight up past the station to the A515 turning right in the direction of Ashbourne and then if heading for Biggin, take the next right turn. If coming from Ashbourne, dont take the short cut, the left turn to Biggin, instead stay on, until just short of the Jug and Glass and turn left at the signposted road to Hartington

Appeal against Planning Decision on Cheese site

Posted on: Mon 23 Apr 2012
Following on from our earlier news item about the uninimous rejection of the developers proposals for an incresae of some 30% in the size of Hartington by the Peak National Park Planning Authority, (following rejection by an overwhelming majority of residents)the developers have rather suprisingly entered an appeal against this decision. It's a shame that instead they are not concentrating their efforts of working with perhaps the local parish council representatives to develop a plan more proprtionate to the size of the village.

Drainage work finally completed

Posted on: Wed 21 Mar 2012
What appeared to most to be a three day job, the drainage works at Dale End, Biggin, (see below) took some 6 weeks to complete, but a week ago it was indeed completed. Only problem is that we have had no rain since! No doubt it will come shortly and we wait with baited breath to see if this work has done the trick!

We have a new butchers!

Posted on: Mon 19 Mar 2012
Opening on Thursday, 22nd march is the Stanedge grange Butcher. Upto the main road from Hartington, turn right and first farm track off to the right hand side. (i.e. just past the disused Newhaven Hotel.
Opening on Thursday, Fridays and Saturdays from 10a.m. to 6.00p.m.
They describe it as a 'new on farm butchery where customers can share the owners passion for quality produce'.
Phone numbers 01298 84811 or 07712 621 775

We have a new butchers!

Old creamery Development Proposals Rejected!

Posted on: Thu 19 Jan 2012
at a meeting of the Peak District Nationa Park Planning Committe on 17th January the proposal to increase the size of the village by almost one third, that is to say 39 houses, was unanimously rejected by the committee members, despite their officers recommendation to accept. The grounds of rejection are that the redevelopment on the scale proposed would be disproportionate, out of keeping with the charachter of the area and threatening to the social balance of the village.
The developer has a right of appeal, but the betting is on that he wont exercise that right. Instead he will probably come back with scaled back proposals, and if the size of the proposed development is reduced significantly, then probably the village nad the planning committee would accept them.
Many are suprised that the planning officers themselves had come down significantly in favour of the development

Drainage work underway

Posted on: Thu 19 Jan 2012
Not as signficant perhaps as the news about the refusal of permission to massively increase the size of Hartingotn, but nevertheless great news for many in any event. For decades now the road between Hartington and Biggin has been liable to flooding, at a point commonly known by locals as Dampe's pinch, officially known as Dale End, namely at the start of Biggin Dale. With certain groundworks carried out a few years ago by the owner of land at the start of Biggin Dale, the problem has however deteriorated with just a small amount of rain causing signifcant flooding for a few hours at a time. Pedestrians in particular were badly affected, to all intents and purposes it being impossible to walk along the road there. The council after all thse decades has finally started on the obvious, namely putting a drain at the lowest point (The drains were higher up the road). Not a major job and hopefully this will resolve the problem.

Hartington Villlage Stores under new ownership

Posted on: Thu 19 Jan 2012
We now have new owners in the village stores. A number of changes have been introduced, certainly its a very welcoming experience to walk into, with the lay-out having been considerably changed, being far more open. There is a delicatassen counter and also fresh meat counter on the other side of the shop. The business is run by Anna Healey (who has ties from a couple of decades back to the village) Laura (Anna's daughter) and Emma Dooley, who both have prior professional experience in food. They are hoping to extend their delicatessen range further, in particular with yet more pies, to source products locally as far as possible, and to be responsive to the needs of the community. There is a new coffee machine for 'take-aways', which is proving very popular, with customers sitting outside to drink these take-aways. They urge locals (and visitors) to advise them of what they are looking for in their store. Hartington Villlage Stores under new ownership
Hartington Villlage Stores under new ownership

Hartington & Biggin support Charity events

Posted on: Sun 11 Dec 2011
Residents of Hartington and Biggin have turned out strongly to support local charities. the Auction of Promises organised by Hartington Primary School PTA raised a really impressive £1456 and Biggins Harvest Supper raised £474. On top of that The Friends of the Waterloo Inn Charities Committee held an auction at Biggin's village hall (where people were queuing over some distance before doors opened) and over £2,000 was raised, an astonishing figure.

Cheese to be made to Hartington again

Posted on: Mon 10 Oct 2011
The newish owners of the Cheese Shop (see entry below) have announced that plans have been aproved to start a cheese making factory within the parish of Hartington and their first cheesees will be made in January 2012. We look forward to that.


Hartington Wakes

Posted on: Sun 09 Oct 2011
The village was heaving during the week of the Hartington Wakes held in September with two dressed wells - one highlighting the charity 'Help for Heroes' - which raised over £500, and numerous scarecrow's themed on Nursery Rhymes. (The winner was Little Miss Muffett' by Mr and Mrs Nunnington).Good weather ensured that the parade and band on the first saturday were enjoyed by by-standers. On this saturday afternoon there were various stalls and activities, ending with a duck race on the village pond. In the evening there was a Karaoke night at the Legion.

The proposed development of the old Cheese factory

Posted on: Sun 09 Oct 2011
Further to previous entries relating to and following on from the closure of the Old Cheese factory, the Developer has now submitted a plan for a reduced number of new houses in the village, namely 42, of which 6 will be 'affordable homes'. Six of these 42 houses will be built on greenfield land.
There will be consultation on these plans until friday, 14th october. The Plans can be seen in the Village Hall but the link below shows details of the application, and details of the numerous objections lodged in the short time since the application was filed.
The Parish council met in the last few days and unanimously voted oppostion to the development, primarly on the grounds that it encroached on green field land and the number of houses involved being excessive. They have produced an excellent detailed document outlining their reasons for the objections (which are consultative only to the Peak Park Planning Authority), which can be read in the Village Hall.
Summing up a detailed response, they suggest a planned expansion of one of the most loved Peak district villages by 30% over a period as short as 3 years is totally excessive. It would of course be the largest expansion of any village in the Peak Park in the 53 years since its formation. They object to the very small percentage of these houses being 'affordable homes,' only about 15%, and despite previous assurances, they will be stuck away in one row oposite some proposed business units and not integrated into the housing estate. More than half the houses will be worth over £300,000 accordingy to the developers own figures, definitely not houses for locals. The development requires a new open drainage system to cope with flood risk, which would not have been necessary if they had not tried to obtain permission for some many homes. The development will bring urban roads, lighting and considerable extra traffic via the narrow lane beside the Old Cheese Shop.
They point out the illogicality of the developers contention that because they paid so much for the land (£700,000 against the District Valuers valuation of £350,000), then to make an adequate return, they need to build that many houses. On the basis of that arguement, were it to hold weight, any developer can pay over the odds to secure land and then argue for greater development to recover their excess payments!
Certainly those wishing to express their own views will find it extraordinarily easy to do so by just filling in the form at the bottom of the web site page on the Peak District National Park planning site, to which there is a link just below here. Individual objections (or support of, although I have not seen any of these yet) to the development have been recorded on this page as well


Results of Village Questionnaire

Posted on: Sun 12 June 2011
A questonnaire was sent out seeking views of villagers, primiarly in relation of the proposal for development of the old Hartington Creamery site (and adjoinging greefields)- see an entry below for more information on this.
An amazing 75% of the 280 forms issued were returned. Intererstingly (but in the context of clear opposition to the development) a massive amority of the responders said the did not want recreational facillities, nor a cementary on the site. Most want business units to be created in the old Barns.
The Majofity wanted affordable house (mixed with private housing, but on a far smaller scale than envisaged by the developers proposals, namely 76% wanting less than 20 houses.
Strangely 66% did not want all the bronwfield land used, and 62 percent rjected the use of Greenfield land even for village facilities. .

Electric Cycle Hire comes to Biggin and Hartington

Posted on: Fri 15 Apr 2011
As part of an initiative through Cycling England (which in fact regretably has been disbanded under Government cuts at the end of last month) The Electric Bicycle Network, a not-for-profit organisation, is setting up three pilot electric bike hire networks and the Peak District is the first one to have been set up. So 15 tourist based organisations in the White Peak area of the Peak District have entered into leasing arrangements with the Electric Bicycle Network and 30 Giant bikes with a value of about £1700 have now been supplied with the hope that another 20 or so will follow shortly. The next stage is to set up a series of charging points throughout the Peak District (for top-up charges - although most users wont be needing these, as the bikes, having the latest bike technology, have a far greater range than earlier versions) and users will be able to access these charing points at pubs, cafes etc free of charge. Cotterill Farm Cottages and Hartington Cottages have yesterday taken delivery of their leased bikes, and will be letting them out to guests in their holiday cottages, in the hope that shortly thereafter they can let them out further to the public at large, (subject to insurance arrangements being available). Details of the cottages offering hire of these bikes can be found under Local Listings and clicking on 'Self Catering'

Electric Cycle Hire comes to Biggin and Hartington

Music and Beer festival

Posted on: Wed 13 Apr 2011
For the events at Hartington YHA in May I scanned in a copy of the events poster; they are having an almost identical event on 22nd and 23rd July - see the events listing, but am keeping up on this page the scanned in poster pending arrival of a poster for the next event.Music and Beer festival

We now have a local pizza delivery business!

Posted on: Sat 19 Mar 2011
A resident of Biggin has just started up a new Pizza delivery business based in Biggin. With free local delivery (in a Mercedes estate with personalised registration number - not your usual banger scooter!). Your webmaster and his wife purchased tonight two varieties both of which were excellent. They arrived piping hot – generously topped and delicious. Excellent value for money. Our individual 'small' pizzas totally covered our full size plates, and we certainly could not have eaten another mouthful, cost was £4 each one. A large one serving two persons would be £6.50 and a family size one would be £7.50 This is a new locally run enterprise (going by the name of Peak Pizzas) and in our opinion well worth supporting. Only operating Saturday and Sunday, orders from midday to 10.00p.m with delivery from 5.30p.m. to 10.30p.m. 01298 687031

Statement in support of Development ofthe Creamery

Posted on: Mon 28 Feb 2011
The principal of Cathelco, Teifion Salisbury has put forward the following general statement exclusively to the Hartington and District website in support of development of the former Dove Dairy (see earlier posts)
He feels the following points tend towards the desirability of an overal development proposal, (Editors comment: which would include the building of a significant number of houses, the last proposal being for over 60 in number):
An independent survey has identified 13 Affordable Houses are needed for Hartington.
- There are only 4 plots remaining in the church graveyard with no expansion facility.
- There's no communal multi-purpose recreational ground in the village.
- There is no 'rubber-crumb' children's community playground.
- The village school has only 20 children when it's capacity is 60.
- Central Govt. brownfield planning policy would allow up to 300 houses to be built on the former cheese factory site - as stated by Peak Park.
- The redundant factory and it's surrounding landscape is inappropriate for such a National Park location.
The developer advises that discussion are continuing with 'stakeholders' and he hopes that a sensitive resolution can be found that will achieve the Community's desire for much needed facilities in the village.

Last Novembers Charity Gala Night at Biggin

Posted on: Fri 25 Feb 2011
Just to confirm that as anticipated the Auction raised a trememdous £1417 for three local charities, Alstonefield First Responders, Hartington Surgery Patients Group and the Biggin Pre-School Play Group. In addition a raffle raised £300 which was donated to the cost of the Pensioner's Christmas Party held yearly at the Village Hall, which is free to all pensioners in the district.

The Waterloo Inn (Biggin) Charities Committee - the official name - have confirmed they are planning further events this year, we just hope they are as succesful as the two events last year were, -these two raised close to £4000 between them.

Scarecrow in the garden

Posted on: Sat 01 Jan 2011
There have been an astonishing number of scarecrows erected in Hartington, not just in gardens of various houses in the village, but also elswhere, outside businesses, in the pond etc! In fact numbers of scarcrows totalled an amazing 26 - not bad from a standing start. The winners were Andy Bray for Bad Hair Day & Steve Bamber for Rat Catcher. Congratulations! But what was the prize?
Scarecrow in the garden

Another successful fund raising event in Biggin

Posted on: Wed 08 Dec 2010
Following on the success of the September fund raising fete, organised by a comittee gathered together under a name not dissimilar to 'the friends of the Waterloo Inn in Biggin', (see September entry below) November saw another succesful fund raising event organised by the same committee. The event itself was held at Biggin's village hall. As well as hot pot supper followed by afters, there was an excellent comedian, singer and disco, but undoubtedly the main attraction was the auction. The organisers had certainly spread their net far and wide obtaining gifts from various local companies and inidividuals, including such diverse items as two tickets offering entrance to a Buxton Football Club match, to a tour of the quarry at Hope. However the highest bid at about £190 went for an officer's personal tour of a Royal Navy ship docked at Portsmouth, with meal on board, for 2 persons. Definitely an unusual type of prize, much sought after with fierce bidding. Your web master has not yet been advised of the amount raised, but he aniticpates that the auction alone must have raised £1500.

Tea-time specials at The Waterloo Inn at Biggin

Posted on: Thu 02 Dec 2010
Not to be outdone by the Devonshire in Hartington (see entry above), The Waterloo have introduced their own special, Monday to Thursday, 5.00p.m. to 7.00p.m. See a scanned in copy of their flyer adjacent, for details of the deals. Additionally kids meals (of sausages, chicken nuggests or fishfingers, all with chips and beans) are all just three pounds.
The Waterloo's telephone number is 01298 84284
Tea-time specials at The Waterloo Inn at Biggin

Quiz nights at the Waterloo

Posted on: Thu 02 Dec 2010
A quiz night has been introduced every other sunday at the Waterloo in Biggin, the next one being 5th December; questons on pictures, anagrams, music, tinro's and general knowledge.
They also have a 2 metre projection screet set up with wii.

Developments at the old Cheese Factory

Posted on: Thu 02 Dec 2010
For new visitors to this site, who have not been to the village in the last couple of years, please see a couple of news items below about the very sad closure of the 100 year old creamery in 2009 with the loss of about 190 jobs.
Anyhow a property developer has now acquired the site and initial proposals have now been put forward for the development of this site. the figures given below are only approximate, from memory and second hand as your webmaster was not at the meeting in the village at which the developers, Peak National Park authority, Derbyshire Dales District Council and Derbyshire Council Council sent their representatives. Locals were suprised at the size of the development with plans for over 60 houses, most for onward sales to private individuals, believed to be executive type, with only 8 for social housing. The Peak District National Park Authority's policy is to not grant planning permission for open market housing within the National Park unless it provides significant benefit to the local community in the form of village halls, playing fields, playgrounds, land etc. as required and requested by the inhabitants of that community. Accordingly playing fields and a playground have been offered - there is already a village hall, and residents generally seem to prefer it to stay where it is - but there is a definite lack of enthusiasm for this development which would involve the loss of beautifully located meadow adjacent to the River Dove. No doubt there will be ongoing negotiations and discussions between the developer and the Planning Authority before a scaled down plan is put forward.

Biggin Fete

Posted on: Fri 10 Sep 2010
Last Sunday a very succesful fete took place in the front of the Waterloo Inn and on a field on the other side of the road. This was Biggin's first fete or similar activity for about ten years and was we believe instigated by the new tenants of the Waterloo Inn, although there was a committee that did all/much of the work. Early indications are that a sum in the region of £2000 was raised for the local air ambulance, the local playing fields and another charity. An excellent sum, so congratulations to all the organisers and participants.

Hartington Sports and Wakes event

Posted on: Fri 10 Sep 2010
This weekend this major annuat (113th) show takes place. See the events section of this site for further details. Entrance is a modest £7 for adults, given that children are free as is car parking.

Hartington Reminiscence Group

Posted on: Thu 12 Aug 2010
This group, which has already gathered information and memorabilia for their first two topics, that is the Hartington Wakes weeks and the names listed on the War Memorial for World War 1, have now chosen World War 2 as their next topic.They welcome memories from forces members and in addition are keen to build up a picture of life in Hartington and district during the war. The information photos etc will be collated and either put on display or archived in the British Legion rooms in the village. Please see events list for details of gathering on 25th October.

30th Anniversay for Flower Festival

Posted on: Fri 30 Apr 2010
'Hartington Flower Festival is this year celebrating its 30th anniversary with a week of traditional and rural events open to both visitors and locals alike. Open throughout the week (4th-10th June), St. Giles Church will be decorated with scenes taken from the hymn 'Here I Am Lord' with refreshments, stalls and displays available in the village hall. Concerts will take place on Friday and Saturday evening with performances from Warslow Silver Band and Ashbourne Sinfonia, with all proceeds going towards the upkeep of the church. On Sunday, why not join the Children of Hartington Primary School as they perform a maypole dance (and perhaps have a go yourself!), followed by a traditional songs of praise in the Church. The organisers welcome anyone wishing to come and enjoy the festivities and they look forward to seeing residents and village visitors during the week. '

The Waterloo Inn in Biggin moves up a notch

Posted on: Mon 15 Mar 2010
In February new licensees took over the Waterloo Inn. We wish Stu the outgoing landlord all the best. Already the pub has certainly been moved up a notch under the new management. The Inn is now run by a family - chef (although he describes himself as a cook!), helped by his sister-in-law, his sister and his father.They are a local family, more recentl having lived in Bakewell. There have been massive improvements to the interior,including decoration in the main pub areas, which is now looking really clean and bright . The bar has been changed but the stove is still there for those cold nights , the food is now really good, all home made, without being fancy. Excellent value meals, particularly sunday lunch when two courses are just £6.95, and three courses £9 odd. Strongly recommended. You can even get breakfast and at the same time connect to the WiFi .Changes have been made to the exterior with planting and a new patio is planned for the future. If you have not visited The Waterloo for a long time then now is the time to give it another go. 01298 84284

The Waterloo Inn in Biggin moves up a notch

The Old Cheese Shop gets a new Life!

Posted on: Mon 08 Feb 2010
Following closure of the Dairy in Hartington, there were fears that the Cheese Shop would follow suit. Well, in September 2009 it came up for auction and the successful bidders were two young couples who wished to retain the business. They kept the shop open following their purchse and have made various improvements. There is of course no Hartington stilton to sell, but they pride themselves on the fact that amongst the 60 cheeses they sell, many are locally sourced. Visitors to the shop have commented on the excellent and friendly service they have received. Please see details of this new business venture under the entries for Shops. Its a business that truly deserves to succeed .

The Old Cheese Shop gets a new Life!
The Old Cheese Shop gets a new Life!

Celebrity comes to Hartington

Posted on: Mon 08 Feb 2010
Sean Wilson who played the part of Martin Platt in Coronation street is coming to Hartington on the 28th February between 10.00a.m. and 2.00p.m. in connection with a Cheese tasting at the Old Cheese Shop. Sean's connection is that he is now a cheese maker and is making award winning Lancashire cheese which can be sampled along with other local cheese. For more information about this shop and more pictures see the shops and business section.

Celebrity comes to Hartington

Hartington and District Website active

Posted on: Fri 01 Jan 2010
The Hartington and District website is now just about complete.
Anyone wishing entries on the events section, whether for Hartington or Biggin or in the immediate neighbourhood, please e mail enquiries@hartingtonanddistrict.co.uk (link at bottom of this page). Likewise,if you have any news (or even if for example a visitor to the village has lost something!) Similarly anyone unhappy about the content or who feels more could usefully be added is encouraged to use the e mail contact.
The second picture is of Maypole Dancing here in the village about 100 years ago, and is shown, as the Friends of the Village Hall plan to offer similar activities in May 2009. (see news item below called 'Stabilisation of the Village Hall')
Hartington and District Website active
Hartington and District Website active

Hartington food and folk Festival 2009

Posted on: Sat 08 Aug 2009
Hartington is getting a new festival! A combined food and fok festival is taking place on Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th September. Strange combination. The press release states:
The Saturday night will feature open mic folk sessions, before a headline set by acclaimed duo Breeze And Wilson.

And famous folk act The Shee will headline the Sunday night of high-class entertainment.

Proceeds will help raise money to restore the village hall’s cellar.

Festival organiser Martin Jeffrey said: “The hall’s cellar roof is in real need of essential repair, but funds are tight.

“We are hoping that the festival will notonly help to reach the funding target, but also give a much needed boost to local businesses.

“Hartington has a lot to offer and the festival will be a celebration of that.

“Hartington is sure to be bustling with revellers looking for great music and fine local produce.”

See the events section of this site.


Hartington Sports and Wakes

Posted on: Tue 21 July 2009
We are of course now 3 months away from the major event of the season in the area.
Plans are apparently progressing well, the organisors are hoping for a significantly bigger event than even last years successful event, when for the hounds and terrier class alone there were over 1,000 entrants.
This year for the first time there is to be a bar and disco, with possibly/probably additional entertainment, possibly a Civil War demonstration, a combined Re-enactment Biking Group who also do Country and Western. The mind boggles.
Inspirational tutor and leading author Lynn Henry will be visiting Hartington Sports to demonstrate to horse lovers how to 'Think like a pony'; ermmm....
Also for the first time there is to be archery. Keep an eye on this site for further developments/news.

Hartington Sports and Wakes
Hartington Sports and Wakes

St Giles Church Flower Festival- 5th-11th June

Posted on: Wed 15 Apr 2009
From Friday 5th June the village of Hartington will be host to an outstanding week long celebration of talents in the village hall, village centre and the beautiful St. Giles’ Church.

The festival will raise money for the village Church which is in desperate need of repair and support. This year the residents of Hartington are taking this celebration to a whole new level with not just the church decorations but with a week long celebration of local talents.

Taking the form of exhibitions, displays and demonstrations the festival brings together traditional and contemporary talents in a showcase which is appealing to all tastes and ages. Music, carving, sculpture, weaving, photography, dancing, singing, and spinning are just some of the many talents on display throughout the week long event.

So in addition to the Flower Festival in the church, in the village hall throughout this period there will be a selection of exhibitions, demonstrations, workshops and performances from talented members of the community.

In addition, a 'Hartington through the Ages' exhibition will be shown throughout the week in the lower part of the hall. Come and see the variety of journals, photographs, and memorabilia of events that local residence have collated. Follow the timeline of Hartington as the exhibition takes you from the years where horses and carts were the main form of transport, through the war years and the building of the famous Hartington cheese factory, all the way to present day.

A full program is shown on the events list and the organisers (details on the events pages)welcome anyone wishing to experience and take part in the festival. Please note that the program is under constant development so please check back regularly for updates.
St Giles Church  Flower Festival- 5th-11th June
St Giles Church  Flower Festival- 5th-11th June

The creamery is closing!

Posted on: Sun 22 Mar 2009
Sad news: after the two earlier new items on proposals to close the creamary and the subsequent intervention of the Monopolies Commission, following a takeover of this century old facility, the Monopolies commission have decided to let the owners close the village creamery, with the loss of 150 jobs. It will wind down over the next 5 months.
Various local intersts such as the Derbyshire Economic Partnership are now looking for alternative uses for the site, but at the end of the day, what happens to this large site in the village is very much in the hands of the new owners.

Hartington Through the Ages 2nd event

Posted on: Sat 07 Feb 2009
Following the success of the first event, a further 2 day event took place in December. Apparently the warslow Band concert was brilliant, with music, mince pices and glasses of wine helping to make it a night to remember. This time the focus of the Exhibition itself was on farming, with a substantial number of farming, agricultural and countryside photos loaned. A further £700 was raised over the weekend for the continued maintenance of the Village HallHartington Through the Ages 2nd event

The Village creamery

Posted on: Fri 24 Oct 2008
Following the take-over of the Creamery by one of its competitors, Long Clawton Dairy Ltd, the acquisition has been referred to the Monopolies Commission on the ground that it would give Long Clawton a monopoly position in the supply of Stilton Cheese. So maybe the speculation in the earlier News Item (see lowest entry below) is unfounded.
It would seem that nothing can be done by management until the end of March, and the work-force now see prospects of keeping the creamery open at its present production levels.

A Trip down Hartington's Memory Lane

Posted on: Tue 14 Oct 2008
During the afternoons of the weekend October 4th/5th visitors and village folk visited the exhibition entitled “Hartington Through the Ages” held in the Village hall It was a tremendous success with over 600 people coming through the doors

The community, who had provided a wealth of photographs and documents as well as a range of artefacts and memorabilia, were full of praise. They thoroughly enjoyed looking at all the displays as well as meeting old friends and reminiscing The focus was on the last 200years—but the story started with references to the doomsday book and the families and farms in the 16 and 17 th Centuries onwards. The interest in all of this has resulted in people signing up to form a History Group to look at the colourful past of Hartington

The richness of life in Hartington, both past and present, was depicted under such headings as People and Places- the shops, the inns and pubs, the post office and garage which have both had several different homes. The Cheese Factory and Farming Community. The Church and Chapel, The School and Village Hall. The strong links with The Duke of Devonshire; the impacts and memories of the two World Wars. Community activities both past and present; traditional events- The Wakes and Sports, The Odd fellows march and dinner, Wells Dressings and much, much more.
One of the displays, which created a lot of interest, was that of Dry Stone Walling- outlining the work of Master Craftsman and Hartington resident Trevor Wragg—the next exhibition will include a presentation, talk and demonstration on this tradition Derbyshire Craft-December 13th

The event received support from the National Park SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT FUND as well as the village pubs and shops. The tremendous support of the village people and the primary school children- in helping with refreshments, raffle, manning the door and selling local produce helped to raise the grand total of £1,500

Patrick McLoughlin M.P opened the exhibition on the Saturday and during his speech made reference to a letter of good wishes from the Duke of Devonshire

The volunteers, part of a group- Friends of the Village Hall, thoroughly enjoyed putting this exhibition together- the positive responses of the community, the buzzing atmosphere has ensured that this will be the first of many more exhibitions. We still would love to receive any more photographs and documents to help us to reveal even more of the past of the village
A  Trip down Hartington's Memory Lane
A  Trip down Hartington's Memory Lane

Low Cost Housing and the Creamery

Posted on: Wed 01 Oct 2008
A open meeting took place on Tuesday 30th September in the tea rooms of the Hay Loft here in Hartington, with the Chairman and Chief Executive of the Peak National Park Authority, two Parish Councillors and various residents in attendance. It was a useful, friendly meeting with all parties apparently ‘singing from the same song-book’.The purpose of the meeting was principally to discuss low cost housing, but also of course the impact of consequences of the take-over of and anticipated run-down of production at our Creamery. These two issues are inextricably linked. Anyone interested, should e mail on the link at the foot of the page for a 1000 word summary of the meeting.

The British Legion

Posted on: Mon 29 Sep 2008
The British Legion clubhouse now has a new steward since last wednesday and changes are certainly afoot. Barrelled lager and Creamflow bitter is now available and the hours are now extended and regular. So Mondays: 7.00p.m. till midnight; Tuesday - closed. Wednesday 7.00p.m. till midnight. Thursday closed. Friday 7.00p.m. till midnight. Saturday and Sunday: midday till 3.00p.m. and 7.00p.m till midnight. Bingo every Saturday at 8.30p.m. Visitors, including non-residents and new members welcome. Well recommended!

Wells Dressing

Posted on: Fri 19 Sep 2008
Many if not most of the villages in the Peak district have this traditional Derbyshire water thanksgiving festival a number of wells in a village are dressed with petals etc to make an interesting and usually amazingly attractive tableau sometimes representing a Christian event, but by no means always. Need to be seen to be appreciated. Hartington is usually just about the last one of the season, and in 2008 was held from the 12th to the 20th September. There were two wells, one in front of the water pump, (pictured) and a smaller well, dressed by local children in front of the war memorial.Wells Dressing

Stabilisation of the Village Hall

Posted on: Tue 16 Sep 2008
The gable end of the village hall was found to be seriously unstable and potentially dangerous. The necessary emergency work has been done to stabilise this but significant funds are now needed to repair the cellar roof and to finish the job. For this reason, the Friends of the Village Hall has been formed, an ad hoc (informal) group to try to raise funds (see the news item about the exhibition, Hartington through the ages),and to increase usage of the hall, improving the prospects of success of any application for grants and/or funding of the repairs.
Friends of the Hall, who are also planning maypole dancing for next year (see picture of this 100 years ago on the news item two sections above) can be contacted via Liz Broomhead on 01298 687263, lizb@englandnetball.co.uk
Stabilisation of the Village Hall
Stabilisation of the Village Hall

Our famous cheese factory sold

Posted on: Tue 16 Sep 2008
With the recent sale by Dairy Crest of the local creamery to Leceistershire based Long Clawson Dairy Ltd, one of the few other authorised manufacturers of Stiltoon cheese, there are serious concerns about the future of cheese making in Hartington, a tradition that goes back over 100 years. The 180 jobs in the village are at risk. At the moment it is believed that the new Management are in discussion with Trade Unions about redundancies. The betting is on the complete ending of production within a sort time the premises being used simply for the storage of cheese. It is proposed that in any event the Cheese Shop will remain open, although its long term viability must be in serious doubt.
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